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POSTED ON: 22 November 2019
Doctors and child patient

The Government has given Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust the go-ahead to build a major acute hospital as part of a new health infrastructure plan (subject to public consultation and planning processes).

The London Cancer Hub has been assessed as the top-scoring site for the new hospital among three potential options in the area.

The new infrastructure plan sets out a five-year programme of investment, which includes £13bn of funding to support the construction of 40 new hospitals over the next 10 years. The first £2.7bn in funding will go to six projects – including Epsom and St Helier – in the first phase.

Currently, Epsom and St Helier’s acute services for the most unwell patients are duplicated across multiple sites causing staffing issues and contributing to a significant deficit. It now plans to consolidate all of its acute services – such as A&E, critical care and complex emergency surgery – into one large specialist emergency care hospital.

An evaluation scored most highly an option under which the hospital would be built on a portion of land the Trust retains in Sutton as part of The London Cancer Hub, potentially with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust taking part of the building. Other options would involve the new building going on the site of one of its existing hospitals at Epsom or St Helier.

Following engagement with local communities, stakeholders, patients and local councillors and MPs, the local clinical commissioning groups (Surrey Downs, Sutton and Merton) published a stakeholder briefing document, which includes an evaluation of the three different options.

Local health care commissioners are expected to launch a formal public consultation soon.

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