The project will deliver huge benefits – to cancer patients, the local community, the wider UK economy, and to the partners themselves.

The London Cancer Hub will allow the ICR and The Royal Marsden to enhance and expand their facilities, generate income and provide a sustainable future for their activities. It has the potential to be a game-changer for UK cancer research and treatment – with transformative benefits for patients and their families.

  • Benefits for cancer patients

    Benefits for cancer patients

    The London Cancer Hub is intended to substantially increase the rate of discovery of new treatments and their availability for cancer patients. It will double the space available for world-class cancer research, treatment and care, and deliver a wide range of state-of-the art scientific facilities.

    We expect that the development will significantly increase the number of drugs that the ICR discovers, and also raise the chances that a drug will progress through approval and onto the market.

  • Benefits for the research workforce

    Benefits for the research workforce

    The London Cancer Hub will help nurture a vibrant workforce of scientists and clinicians. It will open up a wide range of career opportunities for researchers and the chance to work together with colleagues from many different fields. It will also offer a variety of amenities to support flexible working and researchers with families, to ensure that all sections of society can contribute equally to the site’s success.

    The superb working environment and high-quality scientific facilities will help attract world-class researchers from across the UK and internationally.

  • Benefits for the local community

    Benefits for the local community

    The London Cancer Hub is a major redevelopment project, and will have very substantial benefits for the Sutton area. It will create jobs, generate revenue for the borough and act as an impetus for broader changes that will benefit all local residents.

    The campus will attract a wide range of enterprises to the site, driving growth across Sutton and rebalancing the local economy, which is currently heavily skewed towards housing.

  • Benefits for the wider economy

    Benefits for the wider economy

    The London Cancer Hub will be a world-class cancer research campus and a major boost to the UK’s life-science industry and economy as a whole. It is projected that by expanding life-science activities, attracting enterprises and having knock-on benefits for the regeneration of the local area, it could contribute an estimated £1.1bn per annum to the UK economy.

    But this is likely to be a substantial underestimate, since it does not take into account the anticipated increase in rates of discovery of new cancer treatments, diagnostic tests and technologies.