1. To create a focal point for talented scientists and clinicians by establishing world-class facilities to attract top researchers and through educating the life-science workforce of the future.
  2. To expand the world-leading cancer research, treatment and care carried out by the ICR and The Royal Marsden – translating ground breaking discoveries from the laboratory through to patients in the clinic.
  3. To develop an environment that encourages collaboration between disciplines and institutions – for instance by bringing people from different scientific fields together in the same physical space.
  4. To bridge the public and private sectors by ensuring academic researchers share space with global and local private enterprises within integrated facilities.
  5. To create an outstanding environment for staff and patients by developing a green spine through the site and organising space in a recognisable, easily navigable urban grid.
  6. To deliver a vibrant public space and community, including educational facilities, high-quality amenities and excellent public transport, for the benefit of people who work on or visit the site, and the local area.
  7. To deliver this transformation while maintaining continuity of research and patient care by identifying development plots that can be built on over time with minimal disruption to users.
  8. To create opportunities for people living in Sutton by developing unused brownfield land to boost the local economy, improve local transport links and create thousands of jobs with a career ladder that starts from the secondary school planned for the site.
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