Scientist participating in research

Our ambition is to create the world’s leading life-science district specialising in cancer research and treatment.

The London Cancer Hub will be a vibrant community of scientists, doctors and innovative companies, which will deliver real benefits for cancer patients and drive economic growth.

We plan to deliver an exceptional environment for cancer research that enhances the discovery of new treatments and their development for patients.

People participating in a meeting
Staircase in ICR building
Scientists participating in research

The London Cancer Hub will be a living, breathing community with research buildings, hospital facilities, a school, restaurants, cafes, and hotel accommodation for visitors and patients.

The transformational design has the potential to deliver around 280,000 square metres of modern facilities in beautiful green space, making the most of the campus’s unique location within London – a global city – but in easy reach of the outstanding Surrey countryside.

The campus will provide attractive work and leisure space for researchers and clinicians, and an outstanding healing environment for patients.

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